Our activities

Our Activities

The mission of the Center is to bring students, researchers and professionals in franchising and retail and service chains together around issues concerning the sector and   generating synergies using a global approach (different jobs, different disciplines and different countries) through three main activities: teaching, research and interactions.


Students accustomed to « chain culture »

The Center is supporting the Master in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains at Graduate School of Management (IGR-IAE Rennes) with two training programs (in apprenticeship and in English) tailored to the needs of the sector, notably in:

  • Chain management
  • Chain development
  • Chain marketing
  • Chain engineering
  • Chain entrepreneurship
  • International franchising
  • Business unit management

with specific attention given to professionalization, international perspectives and learning through research to develop reasoning and critical thinking skills.










Issues explored according to the needs of professionals

We both give to students a multi-disciplinary academic research program (including management, marketing, strategy, competition law, contract law) in which recognized researchers are taking actions and we also develop research on critical field dealing with franchising, retail and service chains. You can check our academic links and our team to get a glimpse of our work. We also develop link with between students, profesionnals and researchers with:

  • Managerial implications for professionals in the sector,
  • National and international scientific recognition of our works,
  • Significant benefits for students (case studies …).


Sharing best practices

We build privileged relationship between students, researchers and professionals of franchising, retail and service chains in order to generate synergies and strenghten network’s culture. For example, each year we are conducting: 

  • Student Competition,
  • Dissertation on concrete issue submitted by the Center’s corporate partners,
  • Workshops on Franchising, Retail & Service Chains.

For more information on these event, you can check our blog.