General Information

Research and teaching fields

Current projects

Current research deals with the following subjects :

  • micro-franchising and social franchising (with a focus on African countries, the health and water industry )
  • organizational forms (franchising, company-owned, mixed forms, multi-franchising)
  • chain management (organisational and technical know-how, franchisor-franchisee relationships, franchisees behavior)
  • chain marketing (communication on websites, on social networks, about CSR, customer satisfaction)
  • chain development (communication of franchisors toward franchise candidates)
  • chain strategy (e-commerce, internationalization)
  • chain entrepreneurship entrepreneurial orientation of franchisee and franchise candidates)
  • units and chain performance (financial and non-financial performance,  efficiency, survival/failure)
  • conflicts in franchising (European regulation, re-qualification risks about franchise contracts, pricing policy, good faith, etc.