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Why Axe Réseau joined the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains?
By Laurent DELAFONTAINE – Founding Partner Axe Réseaux



“Axe Réseaux company that I head is taking part in retail consultancy to chains of all sizes. My experience with these chains and practices of their executives have led me to take two decisions to give relevant answers to their objectives:

  • Bring an expertise that is missing about franchising, retail & service chains, its implementation, management and development ;
  • Provide added value and innovation to our consultancy missions.

In this perspective, I know the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains will help us to benefit from students’ academic works, participate to productive discussions with its partners, enrich ourselves from conducted studies and, of course, follow her leader’s dynamism in her future and current projects.

In fact, I am quite proud to be able to bring my humble contribution to the Center and I am, by this efficient partnership, respectful to my customers’ need to bring them the best when taking action. In my consulting job, the most important thing remains what remains to the customer.”

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