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Why Apef Services joined the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains?
By Alexis JUNILLON – CEO – Apef Services


“We decided to be closer to the university world in two ways. The first and certainly the most classic way for a franchise chain is through interns in our agencies or among our administrative team at headquarters or through being a member of the juries of some diplomas of the field. The second is less academic but is nevertheless essential: research. Since the development of the franchise chain in 2006, IGR-IAE Rennes has become a partner of the brand, advising us to take part in various and diverse studies on franchising. Our desire to go forward, always anticipating the future, naturally brought us together, which makes us today perfect partners, sealing our “union” with the creation of the Center in Franchising, Retail & Service Chains. This Center allows us to bring the corporate world and the teaching and research world a little closer together.”

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